Long Island Garage Door Openers

With each purchase of a new opener, you will receive one remote!

Wireless keyless entry with Security+

Opens and closes when you enter a private 4-digit code. No need for a key or remote control. No wiring. Illuminated for nighttime use. Gives friends, relatives and service people limited access to the home.

LiftMaster's belt drive system is quiet and strong as our high-strength polyurethane belt is reinforced with sturdy, flexible steel cords that resist the flexing and tensioning of day-in, day-out opener cycling.

Quiet Tough Smooth

The heart of the Formula 1 drive system is its revolutionary belt. Quiet as a whisper. Tough as a steel-belted tire. Count on smooth-running power and reliability year after year.

Premium multi-function control panel

Controls your garage door and turns opener lights on/off from inside garage. Locks out all outside radio signals while you're away. Includes an adjustable light timer and an illuminated oversized pushbutton for convenience.

Security+ 3-button remote control

With rolling code technology, you are assured of a new code with every use. Every time you push the button, the code automatically rolls over to any one of over 100 billion new codes, never to be repeated. Operates up to 3 garage doors.

Enhanced belt drive system

Engineered for more secure belt grip.